14 Reasons to be Hopeful for 2014


  1. The public outpouring for Madiba and his legacy shows love, goodness and hope can conquer anything
  2. There are more people believing than ever before (religions, causes, doing good)
  3. The peace movement is growing
  4. The environmental movement is growing
  5. Young people are questioning, inventing, solving and challenging more
  6. Many worthy causes are successfully using social media to educate, inform and activate
  7. Civil society and people in general are speaking out more against injustice
  8. The union movement is producing great leadership and independence
  9. The media, the judiciary and the public protector remain independent (often with a fight)
  10. There have been a number of massive crime and corruption busts
  11. The rate of new HIV infections is declining
  12. The Soccer World Cup in Brazil has the power to unite the world again like 2010
  13. South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with the best climate
  14. The Pope is progressive!

Happy New Year and God bless you and your families! 


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